SOP Day 1

Today, January 7 2012, my mentoring group and I went to Erda Vocational School in Pandacan, Manila. This experience was new to me because I have never really associated myself with children and students from other schools before. In this new environment, my group and I expected to play many games with these children. However, we ended up teaching these children in the subjects that they were having trouble with. Some of my classmates taught them Math, but I ended up teaching our new found friends Science, specifically Biology. We also played some odd games. We played with balloons and acted as if they were volleyballs. We also played basketball. During our merienda, we ate Mcdo chicken with our partners. This time was a time for chatting and sharing with our new friends.

Our stay in Erda was a very engaging experience. I felt sad at first because I thought this experience would be boring and a waste of time. However, as soon as we started, I felt excited as I realized what a new experience this would be for me. At the end of the day, I felt happy and fulfilled.

I learned, through this first day of SOP, how similar I am to other people. I learned that just because somebody else looks differently from me, I should not judge them for what they look like. I also learned that God gave use each our own individual talents and strengths. Lastly, I learned that these gifts must be used for the benefit of others as this is the original purpose for these gifts of God.

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