SOP Day 3

Today, January 21 2012, my mentoring group and I went back to Erda Vocational School in Pandacan, Manila. This was our last visit to Erda and so we wished to make it even more special than our previous encounters with them. We ordered 2 buckets of KFC chicken to surprise them with. We also played Pinoy Henyo with them. As before, sports was a very important component in our schedule, and so, we played volleyball with them. In addition, those with musical talents showed off their skills as well. My fellow Xaverians showed off their prowess for dancing while those from Erda performed their own renditions of songs. One of them was even in Korean! Of course, the rest were not to be left behind. Those who could play musical instruments joined the jamming session. After a long day of showing off our skills and eating, we decided to give them some help in Math as well.

Our final stay in Erda was a very fun experience. It felt very natural and the atmosphere was very friendly. We did things that we normally didn’t show the rest of our batch mates and fellow Xaverians.

I learned, through this last day of SOP, the importance of relaxing when stressed. I realized that sometimes, we need to wind down and relax before we can challenge our problems, and Erda was the perfect way to do this. I learned that commonality is not only in social structure, but in everyone. The talents of each and every person help shape who he or she is and makes him or her a special person.

  1. #1 by rku14 on January 30, 2012 - 1:14 pm

    Like you, I also learned that everybody’s talent helped them shape themselves into better people which will accompany them until they got older.

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