SOP Reflection

Thinking back, I believe my group and I had a very different SOP experience from everyone else. We only went thrice and unlike the other groups, our partners were roughly the same age as us.Our SOP experience was similar to Christ’s ministry in a way that we taught our friends in Erda many new things just as Christ taught people about God. We taught them and helped them and made them see that they were not alone in their problems. This is the same as Jesus’ ministry because Jesus made everyone realize that God was with them even when they have problems. It was different from Christ’s ministry in that Christ used miracles to show people God’s love while my group and I only did simple things like teach them and talk with them. It is a participation in the public ministry of Christ because we helped show the people in Erda that they are not alone in the world and there will always be people like us who are willing to help them in their times need. We helped them in the subjects they were not good at and we showed them and gave them things that they were not used to seeing. We ate foods they were not used to eating like pizza, watched a movie with them, played Monopoly Deal with them and even used our Macs to show them how to play games like Muffin Knight. These all showed them God’s love as we showed them things that they never thought they would ever see or play. One of the joys I had when I was there was the fun time we had with them. We played with them things we could usually not do in school. I was able to play volleyball and Monopoly Deal there which I don’t get to play in school. However, it was not only joy that I felt. I was also tempted to skip SOP. However, I was able to overcome this by constantly reflecting on what was truly important, games or going to Erda. In terms of what I learned, I think the SOP was very bountiful. I learned that I can share with others what I know so as to help and guide them towards the proper path. I also learned how important it is to interact with people of other social classes and backgrounds. In this way, we can share what we know to each other and enlighten each other.

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