SOP Payatas Uno Day 2

Today, July 28 2012, my mentoring group and I went to Payatas Uno. Last week, our group was unable to go to Payatas because of the heavy rain. Last last week was quite similar to this week. I made small talk with her family for a while. After around 30 minutes, I resumed my previous duty of teaching her Math. This time, I finished teaching her about Roman Numerals and we moved on to the multiplication table and basic division.

My stay with Ate Reya’s family was a very fun experience. I enjoyed teaching Ate Reah’s children how to do Math. It made me feel useful and important and I felt glad that I was sharing my knowledge with other people.

I learned, through this second day of SOP, to respect my teachers. This is because it is not that easy to teach children how to do something. It is actually quite hard to teach the fundamentals of Math to people who cannot just concentrate on studying as they have many other duties to fulfill.

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