SOP Payatas Uno Day 3

Today, August 4, 2012, my mentoring group and I went to Payatas Uno. The days before our trip had very bad weather. It was rainy and this made the land in Payatas muddy and damp. The rain even got in to Ate Rhea’s hus! When I got there, the 2 children I usually tutor were gone. Apparently, they had make-up school. Instead of just staying in the house all day, we went to the house of Ate Rhea’s sister. There, they showed me how the Philippine flag was made. Afterwards, we went to the house of Ate Ginging and there we made small talk.

My stay with Ate Reya’s family was a very interesting experience. I enjoyed watching the superb craftsmanship it takes to produce the national flag.

I learned, through this third day of SOP, to respect the Philippine national flag. This is because a lot of effort is put into making them. In fact, I was told that the pay for cutting the extra parts of the flag is only 4 pesos. However, if you make a mistake, you have to pay a fine of 750 pesos. I also learned how kind all of the people there are as well. Even the neighbors welcomed me into their homes.

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