SOP Payatas Uno Day 4

Today was the last session we have for our SOP. Our group collaborated with the other groups in that we planned to give a small party to our families as a going away sort of thing. When I reached my family’s house, we decided to go to our neighbor’s house, who had Wyeth as a guest, and watch TV there. We watched cartoons such as Teen Titans until the clock struck 10 and we headed to the chapel. 

The party we had was very memorable as I saw that the kids of Ate Rhea actually did think of me as a friend as they clung onto me during the games.

I learned, through this last day of SOP, to cool off and have fun. This is because I just finished my 1st Quarter and was still suffering from the after-effects and, also, the family of Ate Rhea wanted to cool off after working all day the night before.

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